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Skiing and enjoying the mountains of France

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Plan your next winter holiday in the French Alps

There are new options if you love no hassle ski chalet holidays. And if you dream of owning your own ski chalet in the Alps, we consider budget and luxury choices.

Ski Resort Reviews

Find your perfect winter destination

Our hands-on independent reviews of almost sixty ski areas in France show you exactly how they look and feel – and more. We’re here to help you find your perfect ski break.

Ski Features

Fresh challenges, skier essentials

Lots more insight for skiers and snowboarders of all levels who love the mountains and want to make the most of their winter holiday. Discover fresh challenges, alternative ski areas, take a look behind the scenes at the skills of on-mountain professionals and much more besides.

Winter Activities

More fun in the snow

You don’t have to be a skier to enjoy the magic of winter in the mountains. Snow-shoeing will get you to places even skiers never see – or you can try dog-sledding, ski-joëring, ice-climbing, snow-skooting and a whole lot more.

Mountain Living

Property, lifestyle and tradition

There’s a better way. Aim high and you’ll find not only a privileged environment, but also considerable comfort, including spa pampering and wellbeing relaxation options. We look at traditional mountain chalet style, visit artisan cheesemakers and offer inspiration to home-makers.

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