Four packing tips for your child’s first ski holiday

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Skiing holidays are great fun for the whole family, but if you’re taking your child for the first time, knowing what to pack for them will be incredibly important. Here, Steve Cochrane, Managing Director at Childrenswardrobe shares his top four packing tips for your child’s first ski holiday.

1.5 million UK residents go on at least one ski holiday per year

Skiing holidays are among some of the most popular holiday types, with reports revealing that 1.5 million Brits flock to ski resorts at least once a year (LHM Marketing). Along with learning a new skill, there’s a great opportunity for the whole family to get in some exercise and be out in the fresh air. Check out our feature on Ski Holidays with Kids to help you make the most of your family holiday.

Keeping your child happy with the right gear

Once you’ve booked your holiday, it’ll be time to get everybody’s ski gear. And, when you’re taking your child for the first time, it’ll be very important that you pack the correct things for them. Here, I will be sharing my packing tips for your child’s first ski holiday.

Buy their ski gear in off-peak seasons

Children grow incredibly quickly, and while you’ll want to invest in reliable gear for them, you have to be prepared for them to outgrow these things pretty quickly — especially if they’re particularly young. So, I would advise planning ahead and buying their ski clothes during sale periods for these items. For example, try shopping the after-Christmas sales in non-specialist shops as they tend to rotate their stock quicker than ski shops do.

Another hack for finding discounted ski gear is to buy it in off-peak seasons, like the summer. But, just make sure that if you’re buying in advance, you take into account how much your child can grow in the period leading up to your holiday and sizing up.

Packing Tips


Your child will need plenty of outfits for your trip: something to keep them nice and dry while they’re on the slopes, and clothing that they can wear on an evening for your family meals.

Although they’ll be out playing in the snow all day, it can be very warm and sunny at the top of the mountains, so it’ll be best to go with lots of thinner layers rather than thick ones. When you’re packing your little one’s case, you should make sure you have the following ski essentials:

The Ski Essentials for Children:

  • Thin thermal tops and leggings for a base layer.
  • Fleeces or sweatshirts for mid-layers.
  • A waterproof ski jacket.
  • Ski trousers (known as salopettes).
  • Plenty of thick socks.
  • Ski helmet — these can be rented if you don’t want to splash out on one.
  • Goggles.
  • Ski gloves and glove liners.
  • Ski boots — these can also be rented.
  • Snow boots
  • Après ski outfits

As well as planning their ski outfits for the duration of your trip, you’ll also need to think of what they will need for evenings. Depending on what you plan to do, you should make sure you at least have a few pairs of smart and casual trousers, tops and comfortable shoes for them to dress in. It’ll also be worth checking whether your resort is holding a themed night, so you can pack an outfit that’ll make your kids feel part of the fun.

Choose the right materials

The clothing you choose for your child’s skiing gear should be insulated enough to keep them warm, but made from breathable fabrics that will wick away any moisture. So, make sure you’re looking for materials that have both of these properties: nylon, merino wool and polyester will all work great. For your outer layers, like your salopettes and ski jacket, these will need to be waterproof to keep your little one dry while they’re out on the slopes.

Don’t forget warm accessories

When you’re all taking a break from skiing or relaxing on an evening, you’ll need to make sure your child has enough cosy accessories to keep them warm. This should include a pair of woolly gloves, a scarf or buff to keep their neck and face warm, as well as a hat with flaps to cover their ears.

If you expect the sun will be beaming down when you visit, you’ll also need to prepare them with a pair of sunglasses to shield their eyes from the UV rays and some high SPF sun cream to prevent your little one from being burnt.

Your child’s first skiing holiday will be one to remember, so make sure you get them prepared for the fun times ahead with my top four packing tips.